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Podcast Editing Service 


Storytelling goes beyond writing on cave walls. It is no easy feat with many twists and crooked turns, from mapping out content, planning specifics, learning software and equipment. Not to forget the countless hours of recording, editing, marketing and branding. 


Let us help you navigate a section of the windy road and alleviate your workload by completing audio editing so you can reclaim your time and focus on what is most important. Time affects revenue and launching audio and visual content needs to be generated consistently to generate growth - much like a larch needs consistent moisture and 6 hrs of sunlight per day.

Let's collaborate and share positive energy to the world, one wavelength at a time.

Why Should You Hire an Editor? 

Podcast editing can be a slog and is extremely time consuming!


Your business and social media presence needs to have foundational connections.


How do you build valuable connections? By creating consistent content and regularly releasing visual or audio media, which will promote relationships with your audience.  

So, If you are...... 

Wearing all the hats to produce, create, edit and market your audio and/or video content 

Feeling consumed by the editing process and expelling too much energy and time 

wanting more freedom to do the things you love doing and want hours back in your week to focus on scaling other goals 

have no idea where to begin with launching a podcast

..... Then it is time to hire a podcast editor! 

Grow Your Vision


Hiring an editor will help you in the process of growing your vision and freeing up your valuable time. It will also allow you time to create consistent content and consequently build your audience by simultaneously building connections. Hiring an editor will help you stay consistent in your content creation and distribution which will generate more revenue for your business.


Look no further. You've come to the right place. 


Content Creation 

Offer content creation for social media posts (graphics, reels, audiograms, Youtube, Podcast ect). Podcast artwork.  


At Crooked Larch, we strive for communication and collaboration. This allows the client to return feedback and request tweaks to their audio file.

Podcast Management

Edit episodes/ Write show notes and episode description/ Add intro, outro, music/ Host uploading/ Publish podcast to Apple, Spotify and Google / Clip selection for promotions / Graphic creation / Podcast specific social media content creation / Podcast artwork 

Audio Editing 

We perfect audio by removing audible distractions to craft your story. This includes trimming, adding music and effects, rearranging clips. We remove the mouth clicks, umhs and ahs. 

Audio Mixing and Mastering 

To create a seamless audio file, we balance all tracks and export as a singular track. This process includes sound and loudness levelling, compression and equalization. 



You record. We edit. You relax. 

Step 1 

You will need to be responsible for the audio and/or visual recordings, which are then shared through Google Drive folder or granted permission to another cloud platform (Ex Riverside) 

Step 4 

We repurpose content to create asset creation, including social media social reels and audiograms (if this is part of your package)

Step 2 

Intake form completed. We set up a virtual consultation to understand your vision and goal to achieve a quality storytelling product. At this time, you may provide editing instructions if needed.   

Step 5

We upload and distribute the content to your host/website/Youtube/ social media page. 
You will also receive a copy into the Google Drive folder so you can easily repurpose your content later. 

Step 3 

We will edit and complete audio/ visual project. During this step, we ensure the client is happy with finished product and integrate feedback and make adjustments if necessary before publishing. 

Step 6 

Share your content on social media! Tell your friends about Crooked Larch and start producing your next content. 

Are you ready?


Fill out the Podcast Onboarding form below to get started

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