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Hi! First and foremost, welcome! 

Before anything, I am a dog mom, outdoor enthusiast and traveller. 

I hold a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with an emphasis in Neuropsychology with work experience in community care (health care aid and management) and a Applied Behavioural Intervention therapy. 


This business came to be originally, to pay for my Private Pilot License but life has had other plans for me in the works - for now. 

I am passionate in hearing other people's inspirational and authentic stories. Storytelling goes beyond writing on cave walls and the importance to understand each other is highly impactful. In this digital world, we are more connected than ever but yet so disconnected simultaneously. I love hearing people's podcasts, blogs and ghost writing for others. 

My vision is to be able to create positive messages, compose inspirational stories and uplifting content through audio, visual and written means to connect with people. 

I am also an advocate for a healthy work and life balance - which is where my business also comes in! I want to work with you to reduce your work load so you can focus on what is most important to you. Crooked Larch offers virtual assistance in a variety of areas including but not limited to invoicing and payment processing, email management, creating presentations, podcast editing and podcast management. 

Let's collaborate!! 


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